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"I was dubbed the "High Tech Madam" in 1984 by the media who splashed news of both my mother and I being arrested for allegedly running an illegal brothel right under the nose of the Van Nuys Police Station.  The nickname was in reference to the cutting edge technology and massive security I had installed in the warehouse I supposedly was operating this brothel out of.  The truth however was much more bizarre as in reality this warehouse was actually the first safe house for sex trafficking victims during what's now known as "Iran Contra" that was ground zero in Los Angeles at this time - hence why I had such security on this building.   My memoir is historic as I was one of the "last madams" to operate at the highest level of the industry before computers became commonplace and the internet was born.  This meant madams were actually the "google" of the underworld - and why the CIA came to us when putting together the campaign to flood the country with cocaine in order to raise money to buy weapons to fight the Russians in an illegal war.  Charlie's War as one film about that time period called it.  This is my story about the last 40 years waging a war on many levels,, including the battle of the sexes!" J.L. Williams.





To help me write my memoirs, I had help from a very intelligent young man who offered to help me get everything down I could remember on tape first.  This way it would help me organize my memories, as well as protect my story should I die before I could finish the writing process.  The podcast is him interviewing me to help me remember everything, along with asking questions most people would ask upon hearing my recollections.  He volunteered countless hours to interview, record and edit these sessions because he, along with many other people, including a womens' library archive strongly wanted to perserve my story for future researchers and generations.  It's organized by year, or my age, and this way you can pick which years you wish to hear about first, and in which order.  So the audio recordings will contain different information than the book will.  It's good to listen to while driving, cleaning, etc.  Some of the episodes have been edited with photos and videos and uploaded to Youtube and Instagram. 

"It's one thing when people say there exists a small group who are deliberately creating division in the world, along with promoting racism, the "war on women", along with the claim the whole force of the government is coming down on the communities of color - and a whole other thing when you've seen behind the green curtain to watch the little man pulling the levers to create this culture.   My memoirs are presented to you not to tell you these things are real, but to instead show you how it's being done as I witnessed the inner workings of this machine as I fell down the rabbit hole myself."  J.L. Williams

"My memoirs are dedicated to the courage and bravery of Jeanne Deborah Palfrey, otherwise known as the DC Madam.  I believe she was murdered to silence her about what she knew, she could prove, and she could even testify about.  Put into context she was found dead in 2007 - during the time a fierce battle was waging as many victims were trying desperately to get ANY prosecutor to file charges against Jeffrey Epstein, and his partners in international sex crimes that reached into the height of power, celebrity and even royalty.  She had proof in her "Black Book", and was about to reveal it all when she was silenced in my opinion forever and her name added to a long list of witnesses with ridiculous claims of suicide - including Epstein's own death proven to not be another "suicide" either.  I spoke to her daily for years before her death, yet you won't find one single reporter or detective who asked me one question about her death.  She stood her ground because technology had reached the point where there's nowhere to run and hide anymore from these predators.  Now our only option is to expose them and fight back."   J.L. Williams

Jeanne Palfrey - The DC Madam


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